Opening This Wednesday 20th - New Show - Old Town Hastings

by The Editor


invite here:

Dragon Bar 71 George Street Hastings 6pm-9pm


Disastronaut showing at the Dragon hastings from Weds 20th Nov to 4th December 

a free edition 78rpm will also be given away on the night! 

LIke the last few Dragon shows this will have a modestly priced Art side - including the big piece and a few more dotted around - well jammed in as it will be floor to ceilings. there will be prints, sculptures, paintings, works on paper and drawings. 

about the main piece - 
Hastings is a London Borough dumping ground. Both historically and currently - councils see this coast as an easy place to dump people. and local council, landlords happy to accept the IMO terms. This Show features 1 piece "dumping ground" of 45' x 20' variable dimensions + a set of pieces from studio. and like MEGA show - is a big piece - 45 feet long... 

pictures and things - opening night - all of the pieces will be posted here. 

disastronaut new show 20 nov - 3 dec in hastings