DJ Jeffrey's Favourite Headphones - An @AudioSushi Guide.

by The Editor

A quick guide to a few great headphones 

The other day a friend who was about to run 30k asked my advice as to what were the best sports' headphones - as his new Iphone set kept falling out. As I looked through several shops worth of headphones and tested cheap ones all the way up to some of the ultimate ones - I came across a few unfamiliar names and some old firm favourites [indeed ones I use every week to DJ with] . This is my pick of a few great headphones! 

Best to replace iphone, ipod Earphones:
Sennheiser CX300-II Precision In-Ear Headphones, Black [£30]
These are quite astonishing for budget in-ear headphones... 

Best for Home listening and budget production:
Grado SR80i [£89]
Note these are open back headphones - so not best for using in public as they let the sound out -
but for personal use - they are amazing. 

Best for Sport:
Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones  [£99]
These were my favourite for sport - but I tend not to listen to music in the sea or when running
- but are designed to be used in extreme situations and can survive a machine wash! 

Excellent Noise Cancelling Headphones:
The Goldring NS1000  noise cancelling headphones [£100]
There are more expensive noise cancelling headphones - but these at £100 are excellent value

Best All-Rounder:
Sennheiser  HD251 II Pro [£159]
For tracking or shorter term dj use - These are the workhorses of the dj industry...

My favourite DJ headphone:
The Ultrasone DJ1 Pro headphones [£169]
My favourite DJ headphones... almost indestructible. 

Money No Object:
The Sennheiser HD800s [£999]
One of the finest headphones available - worth every penny.