This Week : PARIS ENFACE opening Thursday 27th February #PFW @redmutha @disastronaut

by The Editor

Red Mutha the iconic English Label who create all manner of one-off, customised, recycled clothing are collaborating with Jeffrey Disastronaut on a show at EN FACE paris for a show of ART | VeTement | MuZik | LiVres | FoTo - and anything else they can come up with on the night before the show. see

Disastronaut, fresh from painting former Nazi sanatoriums and NSA spy stations will be working on a set of t-shirts with Red Mutha, stencils, graphics and a book. see

The opening is during Paris Fashion week... and located 
in very cool Oberkampf area - 
Paris métro Line 3 - Parmentier 
Btw. Ave de Republique + Rue Oberkampf

8 rue Gambey 75011 Paris, France +33 1 48 07 86 79 

Paris métro Line 3 - Parmentier Btw. Ave de Republique + Rue Oberkampf

@REDMUTHA @DIsastronaut on twitter