Blurred Fines : $7.9 Million awarded to Family of Marvin Gaye

by The Editor

When I first heard "Blurred Lines" I felt it was lifted from "Got to Give It Up." And when I learned the producers hadn't given any credit it was a surprise. The effect some DJs and producers argue, "Howard King, lead attorney for Williams and Thicke, told the panel that a verdict in favor of the Gaye family would have a chilling effect on musicians who were trying to recreate a genre or homage to another artist’s sound." But I don't see it as that - I think this record was close enough to merit this decision. Moreover in the court case the Jurors couldn't hear the full version - only the sheet music submitted to protect the copyright. You can read more about it here: in more detail from LA Times. "The song brought in $5.6 million for Thicke, $5.2 million for Williams and another $5 million to $6 million for the record company, as well as an additional $8 million in publishing revenue."