Food on Tour - 5 Things I still Love from Cowpiss to Puffin Hearts

by The Editor in , ,

Yesterday in Hastings I noticed a new Oriental market just around the corner from my painting studio [Queens Road, Near M&S]. Looking through the drinks I found a can of Calpis C(カルピス Karupisu) - a Japanese drink made by lactic acid fermentation. So I've decided to list 5 things I found on tour that I loved.

1. Salep (Istanbul) widely available

I found this whilst Djing at the Dogstar Istanbul - named after the one in London where I have had my long term residency. They frequented the Dogstar in late 90s and when they moved back to Turkey they decided to open their own club with a very familiar name. This however I had on the Asian side and have loved ever since.

2. Calpis (Tokyo) widely available

My friends in Tokyo called this "Cowpiss" and in some ways I understand why. It was one of the only drinks that I could remember I wanted on the rider - as I don't generally drink alcohol, so Cowpiss it was. Its a bit diffrerent - but I see this more and more in the UK - in fact an Oriental market near my painting studio now sells it.

3. Potato Pancakes (New York City) B & H Dairy 127 2nd Ave (btwn E 7th St & St. Marks Pl), New York, NY

One of the first stops when I land in New York is this tiny 40s era diner that sell some of the best potato pancakes in the East Village. Slightly larger than your head - one portion of these is enough to keep me going all day in the recording studio, gigging or all-night parties. I will be there on 23rd of November and am currently counting down the days.


4. Fried Churros from J. Argiles (Barcelona) Metro Stop Marina - near Razzmatazz

When I'm in Barcelona playing the Razz club, I always stop at this iconic Churros stand. They serve the most delcious Churros with thick chocolate in sight of the iconic Sagrada Família Church.  There is a local football pitch opposite and the standard is very high.






5 Poutine (Canada) are made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce. And from early days gigging in Toronto [this was in late 80s] I always liked this messy filling dish. I've noticed a few places in London that are doing it now so will try them soon!



I've been lucky enough to play music and travel the world and have had a lot of bizarre and wonderful dinners, lunches, breakfasts and others. Some things like Puffin Heart from Iceland I've eaten not to offend my hosts. Some things like Beondegifrom South Korea ( think they were silkworm larvae? ) I will never, ever have again. This Autumn I'll be in the USA from NYC to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kentucky, West Virgina and a few more places in between and will be looking forward to my home country cuisine.