Audio Sushi Need to Know Oum Kalthoum.Fakarouni.ام كلتوم.- فكروني

by The Editor

We love UMM here at audiosushi and this is the first in our 'Need to Know' posts where we select
artists and music we love - but maybe not known outside their country or genre... 

Umm Kulthum (Arabicأم كلثوم‎ ʾUmm KulṯūmEgyptian Arabic pronunciation: [omme kælˈsuːm]; born فاطمة إبراهيم السيد البلتاجي Fātimah ʾIbrāhīm as-Sayyid al-Biltāǧī[ˈfɑtˤmɑ (ʔe)bɾˤɑˈhiːm esˈsæjjed elbelˈtæːɡi]; see Kunya) (December 30, 1898[citation needed]–February 3, 1975) was an Egyptian singersongwriter, and actress. Born in Tamay ez-Zahayra village, which belongs to El Senbellawein, she is known as "the star of the East" (kawkab el-sharq). More than three decades after her death, she is widely regarded as the greatest female singer in Arab music history.[1]