Audio sushi track of the Day GAGARIN @tootingtram

by The Editor

Gagarin is the name of the solo project of Graham " Dids " Dowdall who has been active on the outer limits of music for many years. He has worked with, amongst many others, Nico, Cale, Pere Ubu, Ludus, Suns of Arga, Bill Pritchard. He currently runs a small label GEO putting out his own music - as well as music by Iranian songstress Roshiand her band Pars Radio - her debut album is out late 09 - the Sky & the Caspian Sea. Also releasing material by Raf & O - a 3 piece from South London. In 2010 Gagarin released a series of remixes from Adaptogen featuring mixes from a bunch of great producers including Robert Logan, Youth, Mark from Rothko, Hybernation, others. April 2011 saw the release of a single 3KA-3 and Kedr to commemorate Yuri Gagarins first ever manned space flight on 12/4/1961. The new album Biophilia was released on June 20th - tracks from these are mostly only available via secret link - gagarin played lots of gigs around the release date - Nozstock Festival , Open Circuit - Cumbria , Nob Out Room, WInchester, Spirit of Gravity, Brighton, Cafe Concrete, Plymouth- the album has gained some great reviews including 4 stars from Mojo who described it as " electronica in its rawest form " and " SImply stunning " in Musicweek - late November will see a download single of 3rd Rail from the album with extended mixes from the incredible Bass Clef and Gagarin himself. A fantastic collaboration with Mark Beazley from Rothko has resulted in the debut album from Low Bias called the Ash and the Oak - out now in the best shops or from Tracereceordings website - join us on facebook to keep in touch