Audio sushi Track of the day : [download]

by The Editor

Audio sushi track of the day - Pilote - Foggy Paddock Backstep
This is from the Soundcloud page for old friend Stuart Cullen, aka Pilote, aka Richard Sands,
aka Patch Craddock (soon come!).

Stuart is best known for his track 'Tortoise' which was remixed by Bonobo and used
on just about every tedious lifestyle TV show you can think of.

In addition,Stuart has also released a trifling five albums,and multiple Eps on labels
as diverse as Domino,Certificate 18 and Kennington Recordings.

Fifth album,'Life Size Replica' has just been released through his own Pilotemusique imprint.

Currently writing and recording a new project,Stuart has 'semi-retired' the Pilote name though
there will be a new EP in the new year as well as some remix work for other types.

 <span>Foggy Paddock Backstep by Pilote</span>