Audio Sushi Track of the Day Mason - Superimposer (Harvard Bass Remix)

by The Editor

Mason - Superimposer (Harvard Bass Remix) by Mason

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Welcome to the world of Superimposer, a down and dirty bump and
grindathon from Mason and Animal Language. The label's sweet
Seventeenth release is a raging slab of hormonally charged chugging
funk topped with the demented yet soulful vocals of Mason's own Coen
Berrier. The irresistable groove of the main riff will make you jig
your head like a horny pigeon and turn your hips to silly putty.
Coen's vocal hook, remeniscent of a enio morricone theme is memorable
enough to cement itself to your cerebral cortex and stop you sleeping
for a week.

Remixes on Superimposer come from a heavyweight collective including
harvard Bass with a typically squelchy interpretation and Zombie Disco
Squad with a stripped down and dirty depth charge of a mix. Animal
Language favourites Arveene and Misk surpass themselves with some
clever cut and paste work of the main ingredients coupled with a heavy
groove and a few extra wraps worth of energy. Glasgow's Polymath takes
things into hands in the air territory with a mix combining some funk
assed-breaks, a huge metallic bassline and some utter bonkersness.

last but never least comes the Refurb, as usual proving some light
relief in taking the original into a completely non dance stylee. This
time around 'Superimposer' heads for the monastary with a hassock
wetting Gregorian chant interpretation complete with a genuine latin
translation of the original lyric.

Superimposer is taken from the forthcoming album 'mason presents
Animal Language Refurbished' and joins a host of past and future
releases and refurbs from the imprint.

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