Audio Sushi Track of the Day VAAL - Mask @yourarmy

by The Editor

Audio Sushi Track of the Day VAAL - Mask

Mask / Eer don't sound like anything you've heard before. Thick, impressive slabs of molten techno, salted in haunting atmospherics, a real grit, psychedelic-orientations and there's something very unnatural yet authentic about both and most especially they're dancefloor, through and through. 

Heralding from a rockn’roll and jazz background Vaal is not aware of the strict rules that define & guard electronic music. Therefore Vaal is not afraid to break them. 

Sourcing tracks and samples became an obsession: from this was born a compulsion to write, experiment  develop original music that could be equally human, equally electronic. 

Vaal exists in the dark of the city: the secretive curtained room that you can never quite peer into, the dark pulsating dancefloors of the underground. Vaal has nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears  sweat.

Vaal is electronic  &  Vaal is a Baastard.