PLEASE READ THIS: An Open Letter In Support of The Melbourne Underground Film Festival by Jack Sargeant re: Bruce LaBruce

by The Editor

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Bruce LaBruce is an internationally known filmmaker and however
controversial, his work is not overtly prurient nor purely

I have screened most if not all of LaBruce's films at my cinemas in
the USA - in Cincinnati - where they didn't blink an eyelid - the same
city that raided Mapplethorpe and in the UK. if Cincinnati can stand
"No Skin off My Ass" then "LA Zombie" surely in 2010 is acceptable to
play to an audience that CHOOSES to be there.

This case seems tragic as Richard Wolstencroft is an internationally
recognized curator and champion of film known well beyond the greater
Melbourne area. It saddens me that he faces such diabolical treatment
from clearly ill-informed "law" officers.

This provincial and deeply embarrassing raid by the local police will
only serve to highlight their lack of knowledge about this director
and seemingly the international standing and importance of the
Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Please know that this raid will be seen around the world as backward,
ill-informed, outrageous and anti-cultural. If the Melbourne police
want to stand for this
and it should be said - homophobic - then this is the perfect
marketing tool for Melbourne, Inc.

I urge the local officials to stop the harassment of Richard
Wolstencroft and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.